Drumming for Adults and Children with Special Needs

Our Drumming Programs for Adults and Children with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities are wellness based programs in Ireland designed to adapt to ever changing needs and the environmental circumstances of a group


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Our Wellness Drumming Programs are designed to engage, relax, reduce stress and beat the anxiety that accompanies everyday living. Through the use of Interactive Drumming and fun rhythmic musical activities, these programs aid in stress release , creating the ideal conditions for mindfulness as well as supporting mental health and creating moments of rest for the mind as it is engaged in a physical activity.

Drumming is by its very nature, is one of the quickest ways to bypass all the negative chatter and doubts instantly. that occur in everyday living. Based on the latest Neuro – Science, Drumming has been shown to Increase emotional regulation, improve social connection, reduce levels of anxiety and other elements of psychological stress. “By connecting to ourselves first through Rhythm we allow in space and openness where none existed before. This then extends to the group where the lines of communication are opened and meaningful interaction occurs. The possibilities are endless.”

Drumming for Groups with Intellectual Disabilities

Drumming together as a group enhances well being and is a highly rewarding, positive experience, for all types of Special Needs groups. Music has the power to engage and imprint positive experiences.Drawing upon a wealth of experience, a Drumming program in your organisation can have the following benefits.

Increase Socialisation and well being

Drumming together as a group gives people with social challenges and Intellectual disabilities another way to communicate and be in harmony within their community and with others. The focus being on enjoyment , music in the moment and group participation rather than individual musicanship.

Engagement and Stress Reduction

The focus of a group drumming together has been shown to significantly reduce stress levels and engage individuals in music related tasks that help enhance motor and cognitive skills.

About Patrick Naughton

Patrick is As an Accredited Rhythm2 Recovery trained Facilitator – (www.rhythm2recovery.com) currently training as a Music Therapist to further enhance the Music Programs he delivers to groups and Organisations throughout Ireland.

Patrick’s early musical experiences within his family band saw him visit and play in hundreds of different social care settings, nursing homes, hospitals and special needs centres in the 1980s. Raising over £12,000 at the time for Cancer Reseach, Music was seen simply as entertaining the patients and rasing peoples spirits.

It laid a strong foundation for the work he does today.

As well as delivering a high quality Service , our pricing is competitive.

Often for a whole day’s drumming with the school, it can work out less than 1 euro per student.

See what people have to say about us here and  view some of the Testimonials we have received over the years , from our educational work in schools

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Our aim is to deliver different, high quality, professional percussion programs at affordable prices throughout Ireland.  We cater for the musician and non-musician alike, bringing the joy of ensemble drumming to your Organisation, Community, Workplace or School.

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